Monday, 18 April 2011

4. Thursday 14th April 2011

A select company of 2 today – just Peter and Ruth. Sue who was working had left instructions to open up a trench running from the SW corner to the centre of the Grotto. With the help of the wonderful Chillington hoe, the top soil was soon loosened. There was very little glass today (in comparison to the bucket and a half from the previous days), but oh those roots – they were everywhere! You thought you had got them all cut back, but up they sprang again!
Finds were interesting – a plastic Red Indian, a blade of kitchen knife, a screwdriver, numerous rusty nails, bits of shell, a piece of painted pot and 3 bits of white tile. There was much burnt timber and huge nuggets of charcoal and finally - a floor! This comprised a large slab of paving approx. 60cms x 70cms, with a smaller triangular slab leading to some larger stones in the centre. 
 At last, the floor!   © Alan Williams
Having thoroughly cleaned this we were delighted to see the expression on Sue’s face when she returned from work.
We were again visited by Doug Grant and by Isobel Warren, both members of the Civic Society, who are watching our progress with great interest.
Recording tomorrow!  

Ruth Spencer

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