Thursday, 14 April 2011

3. Wednesday 13th April 2011

On day 3, we were still digging. The UWHG diggers spent the day trowelling in a cosy little foursome within the tiny half segment of the grotto interior.

The huge number of glass sherds littering the top soil for several centimetres depth meant we couldn't just bag up the top soil for re-use later without first sifting through to take out as much of the glass as we could. In this process we also collected the grand total of 8p in coinage from the 1970s, an old Dime bar wrapper, a party popper and some knicker elastic!! Ah, if only the walls could talk....

   Jane & Ruth digging    © Alan Williams 
We didn't get down to the original grotto floor despite all our efforts - indeed we found another level of dressed stone in the corner suggesting we had several more centimetres to go down.

Taking a moment to think   © Jane Lunnon
We were visited by Stephen Garnett of the Craven Herald newspaper which gave us a much-needed break from the hard work of digging while he took some photos.

Tomorrow, let's hope the grotto floor will be finally found.

Jane Lunnon

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